Roderick Jones

So, one mortician says to the other,”Hey, wanna stop at the office for a quick, cold one?”

I’ll say this about Roderick Jones: At least he wait until they’re dead to rape them.

The life of a funeral director can be a boring one. I’m sure you’d be tempted to take a lot of breaks.

Johnny Draper, the funeral director of the Draper Funeral home left his office, taking a break for awhile to talk with some friends across the street. Figuring he’d only be gone for a little bit, he didn’t engage the top-notch security system that he’d had installed.

After all, there’d never been any kind of break-in before.

When he noticed a light on in the basement – a light that he always kept off when he wasn’t there – he cut his break short and went back into the funeral home.

Heading to the basement, he opened the door and saw Roderick Jones lying down, trying to hide next to the coffin of a woman Draper had been working on, preparing her for burial.

Alarmingly, one of the dead woman’s legs was up in the air, the protective plastic covering her body had been torn open and her stockings had been removed.

Once he knew he had been discovered, Roderick Jones tried to run, but Draper was able to hold him until police showed up.

Draper believes that he arrived just before Roderick Jones was able to have sex with the woman’s corpse.

Authorities report that Roderick Jones has a lengthy history of run-ins with the law. Burglary, criminal trespass and criminal mischief charges, mostly.

But there was this one case back in 1999 where Roderick Jones was convicted of abuse of a corpse…

Roderick Jones is being held, charged with abuse of a corpse – for the second time – and burglary.

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