Sametta Heyward

When you’re a single mother, it can be hard to make ends meet sometimes.

27-year-old Sametta Heyward had just moved herself and her two kids into a 285-square foot apartment about 15 miles from Charleston, South Carolina. Rent was $185 a week.

Times were tough and Sametta Heyward had made some choices with her life that she might not have if given a second chance.

In January, Sametta had given up a new baby for adoption. A 12-year-old boy of hers was living with his father in Maryland.

She had been arrested twice in the last three years, but wasn’t convicted of any of the relatively minor charges brought against her.

Sametta Heyward found a job as a helper with a non-profit agency that assisted people with special needs. By all accounts she was a good worker.

On July 29th of 2007, she was scheduled to start a double shift at three in the afternoon.

The only problem was that her babysitter wasn’t available that day to watch little 1-year-old Triniti Campbell and 4-year-old Shawn Campbell Jr.

Her supervisor, not wanting to hear excuses, told her that she could either show up to work or be fired.

So she went to work.

Of course, she took her kids with her and left them in her Chevy Cavalier hatchback in the hot summer sun for the eight hours she was working, otherwise hey – where’s the story?

Sametta Heyward returned to her car, which she had parked in a residential street, after 11 at night. She found her kids, who had been left with food and drinks, unconscious and with weak pulses.

What happened next is unclear, but a day later, police responded to a disturbance call at the Heyward apartment. They found Sametta Heyward crying while screeching “Oh my babies!” over and over.

According to the police report filed by the officers that responded, Heyward had assaulted the officers, kicking at and trying to bite them. She asked the officers to kill her.

The bodies of her two children were found, wrapped up in trash bags and stuffed under the kitchen sink. Most of the responding officers had to turn away from the sight.

Before they had been wrapped up and stored, Sametta Heyward had bathed both children and dressed them in appropriate clothing. 1-year-old Triniti was in a sundress and 4-year-old Shawn was dressed in a shirt and shorts.

According to her warrant, Heyward had called an ex-boyfriend and told him that she had killed her babies.

So far, authorities haven’t been able to figure out if the kids were dead before or after Heyward had wrapped them in garbage bags.

The interior temperature of the car that they were trapped in could easily have reached 130 to 140 degrees, if it was in direct sunlight.

She didn’t come and check on her kids, she didn’t tell her supervisor or anyone else that the kids were in the car.

She didn’t think to bring them into her work, which was probably air-conditioned.

Sametta Heyward was charged with two counts homicide by child abuse.

I leave it up to you, the reader. Was this a simple mistake or is this woman hell-bound?

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