Shaun A. Lockett and Lashawn S. Brown

After Brown, a relative and paid caregiver, severely burned Mr. Lockett’s 10-year-old daughter in a hot bath, the girl wasn’t given medical treatment for over a week.

The victim, Quiniece Lockett, was blind, partially paralyzed and suffered from cerebral palsy.

Burned by the water on the 21st of April, 2007, she lay in her bed for nine days, without medical care.

The girl lay there, in agony, with burns on almost half of her body.

Police Chief Charles Kellar told the press:

If you’d see the photos and the condition that she was left in – just to lay in that bed with all those burns. I mean, it was horrible. Apparently the water had to be extremely, extremely hot. We’re looking into, right now, whether the water heater could have heated the water that hot or whether there was hot water added.

Brown and Lockett claim they took the girl to the hospital, but the hospital has no record of such an event – adding that the girl’s burns would have required an immediate admission into their burn center.

Lockett was arrested on the first day of his new job.

Police found some marijuana on him. Surprise surprise.

2 thoughts on “Shaun A. Lockett and Lashawn S. Brown”

  1. And marijuana is connected to being a sociopath, how, specifically? Don’t reach to far from your pedestal…might fall.

    1. Right on! How many of these “ppl” commit crimes under the influence of alcohol? No one is saying illegalize that.

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