Shawn Dailey and Michael Fitzgibbon

“Parents aren’t supposed to do something like this,” a detective with the Muskegon Heights police said.

Now come on, what did they do?

Well, Shawn Dailey was a little upset with her body.

Ms. Dailey had just had a tummy tuck and the mean ol’ doctors said that she wouldn’t be able to satisfy her boyfriend, Michael Fitzgibbon, sexually for a while.

Now, any normal person would sigh and possibly look into alternative ways of pleasing her boyfriend, maybe bake him a nice ham.

Instead, Shawn Dailey suggested that Mr. Fitzgibbon should have sex with her 14-year-old daughter.

She went so far as to persuade her daughter to sign a contract that obligated the then-14-year-old girl to have sex with Fitzgibbon in exchange for clothing, body piercings and the ability to stay with her teenage boyfriend on some nights.

Ms. Dailey, her daughter and Michael Fitzgibbon all signed the contract.

Mr. Fitzgibbon and the girl allegedly had sex about 20 times over a two-month span of time, during which time she turned 15 years old.

After the authorities uncovered all this, it also turned out that Mr. Fitzgibbon had had sex with his own daughter – who had been staying with him after living with her biological mother.

He didn’t have to pay much for that, just a few packs of cigarettes for the 12-year-old girl.

Mother of the year Ms. Dailey has been sentenced to 12 to 22.5 years.

Michael Fitzgibbon was sentenced to 60 years.

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