Suzette Stevenson and Jamie Lynn Martin

Regardless of what you may think you see before you, this is not Boss Hogg.

This is 45-year-old Suzette Stevenson, the larger half of a lesbian life-partner pair.

Now, many people have pretty strong opinions on whether homosexual couples should be able to adopt and raise children or not.

Some people think homosexuals are evil. Other people think homosexuals are just like other folks, except that they make excellent espresso and great pancakes.

Although the possibility exists that they do make decent pancakes, the world can now be certain that Suzette Stevenson and Jamie Lynn Martin are really bad parents.

For a while, Suzette Stevenson and Jamie Lynn Martin were taking care of a boy together.

The boy wasn’t really theirs in any legal sense of the word. They just kind of…well…had him there. Like if you went to the park, found a puppy and took it home.

This kid, who was born in 2000, was taken away from his druggie mother by the court system and given to his father, who gave him to an aunt who was in a lesbian relationship with Suzette Stevenson.

Jamie Lynn MartinThat aunt died and Suzette sort of adopted the child, at one point buying a forged birth certificate and attempting to pass the boy off as her own when she moved to Florida in September of 2005 in order to start a relationship with Jamie Lynn Martin, who she met on the Internet.

She might have been better off using a criminal background check service to check Jamie Martin’s background.

Love makes the world go ’round after all.

Unless, of course, you’re a little seven-year-old boy who is being treated like an animal by two adults who have no business having you in their home – two adults who tie your wrists together and force you to stand for hours, or who burn you with cigarettes, or who force you to drink shampoo.

Unless, of course, you’re a little seven-year-old boy who is kicked out of daycare because he’s so hungry that he steals food from his playmates.

And it’s not like the child’s school teacher would ever notice that he was hungry, because once he was kicked out of the day care, Suzette Stevenson didn’t send him back to school in the fall.

Suzette Stevenson and Jamie Lynn Martin’s lack of parenting skills came to the attention of authorities when, after telling the child that they would take him to Disney World if he was a good boy, they instead drove to a timeshare that was holding an open house and giving away $100 if people would sit through the presentation.

That wouldn’t in and of itself be so bad (although if you’ve been to one of those presentations you might disagree) but after threatening the child with a box cutter and forcing him to take a sleeping pill, the gruesome twosome left the very hungry boy in the car and told him to go to sleep.

Unfortunately for Suzette Stevenson and Jamie Lynn Martin, the boy didn’t go to sleep. He wandered on into the open house and started asking people for food where someone with some sense called the authorities. The police and Social Services showed up and, after interviewing the boy and everyone else involved, decided that Suzette and Jamie Lynn should be in jail for a bit.

Once the pressure was on, Jamie Lynn turned on Suzette, telling the authorities that Stevenson kept the boy out of school because she was afraid that his injuries would be seen and reported. Suzette also turned on Martin, informing the authorities that Jamie Lynn never liked the boy because his biological parents were each from different races.

The child?

For a while, he was in critical condition. He is, however, expected to recover.

According to Baker County Sheriff Joey Dobson:

In my 35 years on the job, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a child that’s been abused in so many ways he has.

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  1. Woah! awful people.
    Be careful how you post though, there’s an offensive edge to this (coming from someone in a same-sex relationship)

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