William Bates

I have a feeling that 19-year-old William Bates won’t be invited to any MENSA meetings anytime soon.

While committing a robbery at a gas station close to his house, Mr. Bates shot a customer in the arm because the guy wouldn’t give Mr. William Bates his wallet. He got away with the money in the cash register.

Shortly after his successful robbery, William Bates called the police to report the crime and claimed to be a witness.

He was arrested a few hours later at a convenience store close by while he tried to dispose of the gun in a barrel of ice.

William Bates had a trial in June, pled guilty to assault with a firearm and was sentenced to two years in a state prison.

Yeah, he’s a dumbass, but wait…his story gets even better.

Ten days before the gas station robbery, at 10:20 at night, William Bates held up a 23-year-old woman and her two friends – one male and one female – who were enjoying an evening stroll in the middle of a local park.

William Bates walked up to them and asked if they were friends with someone that he knew. The group, of course, told him they didn’t know what he was talking about and tried to walk away.

William Bates followed the group until they were close to a short bridge, then ran up and pulled a gun on them.

Ordering the three to hand over their cell phones and money, William Bates told the 23-year-old’s two friends to sit under the bridge for a little bit.

Once the two had sat down, Mr. Bates told the woman, “You’re gonna do me a favor,” ordered her to take her pants off and raped her at gunpoint, while forcing her friends to watch.

After he finished, Bates ran off with the trio’s cell phones. The woman and her friends returned to a house nearby and called police, but Bates was never found.


A few weeks after the incident in the park, the woman was e-mailed by a friend who didn’t know about the rape.

Her friend sent her a photo that had been sent from the woman’s cell phone and asked why she had sent her a picture of a stranger – some black guy in a white shirt standing in front of a house.

The cell phone which sent out the picture was, of course, her stolen cell phone.

The police couldn’t believe it either:

We couldn’t believe that he sent a picture of himself to one of her contacts. I don’t know if he knew he did it, but we can only assume it was an accident,” said a detective. That was kind of a big break in the case for us. Eventually, DNA might have caught him anyway, but this expedited it.

Police used phone records to find out where the phone had been used, and found the house in the background of this photo.

They asked the residents who this guy was.

“Why, that’s William Bates, but he’s in prison right now!”

William Bates was interviewed by detectives and said that the sex was consensual.

The nurse who examined the woman the night of the rape clearly stated on the rape report that the sex had been inflicted on the woman and was definitely non-consensual.

William Bates gave police a sample of his DNA and it matched the DNA collected from the rape victim, of course.

With that photo, and with DNA taken from him while he was in prison, the prosecution should have an easy time finding Mr. Bates a place to stay in Tehachapi State Prison for a good long time. He’s been charged with rape and is waiting in prison for his trial.

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